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Upgrade Your Listing on PetFriendlyHotels.com

Get $200 promotional discount if you upgrade your listing today.

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Upgrade Your Pet Friendly Property to a Featured Listing for 12 Months

Your accommodation is currently listed on PetFriendlyHotels.com as a result of our previous partnership with Priceline.com. We are inviting you to claim your property and turn your existing listing from a standard placement in to a featured spot on the site. We are in the process of removing the listings provided by Priceline.com which means if we don’t hear from you your current listing will no longer appear on the PetFriendlyHotels.com website. So if your property still describes itself as pet friendly and you would like to receive bookings from our many thousands of loyal, pet owning travellers then please upgrade your listing today.
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[su_box title=”Important Note: Please Read” box_color=”#de0606″]If you do not wish to upgrade your listing on the world’s most popular pet friendly listings directory at this time we are in the process of removing and updating older listings so if you are happy for us to remove your existing entry you do not need to do anything and your listing will be deleted shortly. If you would like to keep your listing active, please email: kim@totalpetpublishing.com today.[/su_box]

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100% Total Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee

Book or re-book your enhanced PetFriendlyHotels.com listing today and if, after 12-months, you are not completely satisfied with how your listing has performed, simply email us and we will give you ALL of your money back. This guarantee applies to all bookings regardless of promotional prices.[/su_note]

Note: with $200 promotional code applied, this listing offer means you’ll pay just $0.90 per day for promoting your property on PetFriendlyHotels.com. Did you know, it would cost you more than that for just one click if bidding on this super relevant keyword in Google?

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7 Best Reasons to be on PetFriendlyHotels.com

  • More than 350,000 pet-owning travellers seeking hotels suitable for their specific needs
  • 72% higher rate of enquiries than standard hotel listings – go featured and see the results
  • Less than $1.40 per day advertising cost and you pay ZERO commission on all bookings
  • Featured listings visible in Google/Bing within 24 hours
  • Add images, videos and hand-picked customer testimonials to your listing
  • Take advantage of the enhanced search engine visibility for featured listings
  • The name says it all. If you’re pet friendly then you simply have to be visible on PetFriendlyHotels.com


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“I don’t think there is another service available that can do more to promote my property better.
I never expected to benefit from such a wide-spread marketing program when I signed up.
You can tell the obvious pride in the service they provide and that translates into an expanded presence for all their customers. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to work with you!”

Patti Valletta, Owner, Old Monterey Inn, Monterey, California

“The service is great. I’ve never worked with a company that set us up so quickly. I also appreciate the help and patience provided when it came to the billing. Thanks so much!”

Lily Bissonnette | Sales & Banquet Manager, Cartier Place Suite

“One of the friendliest and most proficient companies to work with. I was approached with a recommendation that one of my clients do some marketing with them. I did some research and found that their products are a perfect match for my client. They provided me with fast and easy to follow directions and within 2 days we had my client up and running. Never have I worked with a company that produced so quickly.”

Allison Wills | Account Executive LMA Communications Inc (on behalf of Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, California)[/su_spoiler][/su_note]

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